Previously we have run our longer courses over 8 weeks but we recognise that budgets are limited and some of the techniques we can’t easily make low risk in relation to Covid-19.

Our 2021 6 WEEK COURSE (Mondays 2-4pm) now has a start date (due to Covid-19 Restrictions) of Monday 17th May 2021, finishing Monday 28th June (due to one week being a Bank Hol Monday).

This course will cover:

  • pinch pots
  • coiling
  • slab work for tiles and constructing 3D shapes
  • using moulds
  • extruding
  • throwing on the wheel
  • decorating with slip

Once slip decorated pieces have been clear glazed (by us) and fired after the course, if a social gathering is not possible to admire each others’ pots over a glass of wine, we will put up an on-line gallery for everyone to view each others’ work before pieces will be available for collection.

NB: Min. numbers for a class = 4, max. = 6.

Class Costs & Payment

This will be £250.00 (including all materials, firing, refreshments and chat). Payment will be required on-line in advance.

Contact us for details/to book or register your interest.

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