Slip-cast - green top bottlePinch finish vaseIron spot bottlesPinch potsSwirled mixed clay vase

At Hot Pot Pottery we produce a range of decorative pieces of varying sizes to suit all budgets including:

  • vases
  • large bowls
  • bottles and flasks
  • pinch pots (of various sizes)

To give an idea of the prices of the examples shown here, our green-top slip-cast bottles are £20.00, taller freestyle vases are £35.00-£45.00 and bottles are £20.00-£40.00.

The smaller white pinch pots are £20.00 and the larger pinch pots (suitable for outdoor use) are £50.00-£65.00.

We are particularly fond of our pinch pots which look great with candles in.

Country vase - shino glazelarge pinch pot