Our Pottery for Sale

Unique Hand-Made Pottery

At Hot Pot Pottery we have a range of hand-made, unique pottery for sale in our tea-room & gallery. We display our pottery on furniture rather than plinths and encourage people to handle the pieces that they wish to buy.

Our pieces range from functional cups, goblets, plates, egg cups, jugs and vases to more experimental hand-built animals, thrown & constructed display pieces.

We have a range of finishes from standard stoneware glazes, to crater-glaze, smoke-fired pieces and lots of pieces made from mixing different clays and oxides together and decorating from within the wall of the piece rather than on the surface. We also have a range of pieces using local clay if you want to buy your own local momento of the beautiful Forest of Dean.


In terms of payment, we prefer CASH if possible as we are no longer allowed to share the cost of providing card payment facilities with customers.