– Pottery Trial Classes


At Hot Pot Pottery we are registered with Visit England’s ‘Good to Go’ Scheme and work hard to implement Government Guidance to keep Covid-19 risks as low as possible and encourage responsible behaviour on-site and in relation to bookings.

CLICK HERE to see what activities we can currently offer. Bookings for future pottery activities are welcome, but will be reviewed and cancelled nearer the time if necessary (with a refund of any monies paid or future dates offered).

CLICK HERE to see information on how we are keeping risks low for all.

CLICK HERE  to see information on our Covid-19 related cancellation policy.

Regular times/availability may also vary due to SPECIAL EVENTS.

Get In Touch With The Clay

Our pottery trial classes are great fun and take place in our fully-equipped studio.

They can be booked Thurs & Sat (from 10.30am) and last 2-2.5 hours depending on how many in the class. BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

They are designed for complete beginners and provide a chance to try pottery out in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of help and encouragement.

They are perfect for young and old and suitable for children of 5 and above.

During the class you will get to try out 3 pottery techniques (wheel throwing, pinch pots and tiles) with lots of help and advice.

At the end you can choose your 3 favourite pieces each to leave for glazing and firing with a choice of house glazes.

You can also order coffee/tea/cold drinks to be served to your table during the class.

How Many People In A Class?

Wheel throwing workshop

We can take up from 2-8 people in total ideally in multiples of 2.

We have four separate work areas (with everything you need for the class), separated by 1.5-2m. These are designed to be used by up to 2 people.

If you want to come on your own, please do contact us to see if we have space. We will always try and fit you in.

How Do I Know What To Do?

We start classes with live demonstrations and we provide lots of help and advice throughout.

We have also pre-recorded ON-LINE DEMO VIDEOS for you to have a look at before your class. One is WHEEL THROWING, the other is PINCH POTS & TILES. These will be helpful to you as our in-class demos are a little more difficult to see at the moment due to social distancing.

What Should I Wear?

NOT your best clothes, clay is messy but does wash out! We do provide aprons, towels and hand-wash facilities.

We advise taking off large rings and bracelets, trying long hair back and rolling up sleeves. Also, long fingernails are not helpful to you when working with clay!

Covid-19 Changes

As a result of Covid-19 we have had to make changes to our classes to enable them to be as low risk as possible. We ask for your patience and diligence before and during your class to keep risks low for ALL.

Please provide a lead booker name & contact number for each booking. Please scan the QR code (if you have downloaded the app) when you arrive and wear a mask during class (apart from children under 11 or those exempt from wearing them for medical reasons). If you don’t have a mask you can buy one at £2.00 per mask. Gloves are also available should you want them (£2.00 per pair).Pottery trial class/workshop

For our part we will:

  • provide QR code posters for Track and Trace
  • reduce the number of classes we run and allow more time
  • ask you to be on time and wait until everyone has arrived
  • introduce ourselves, establish groups and ask you to wash your hands before showing you to your work area
  • ask you keep personal items to a minimum (these will need to be stowed at your work area during class)
  • provide on-line videos for you to watch before you come as demos in class may not be as easy to see as before (in-class demos will be a reminder of the video)
  • help and advise as much as possible but observe social distancing
  • wear masks during the class and ask that you do the same (unless exempt)
  • ask you to work within your work area, provide all you need in that area and ask that you don’t share kit between work areas
  • ensure good window and door ventilation but try to keep the studio warm!Throwing pots on the wheel in a class
  • provide handwash and sanitiser facilities in our toilets and hand pre-wash facilities in your work area for when you come off the pottery wheel with clay on your hands!
  • ask you to take some responsibility for cleaning your wheel during and at the end of class
  • allocate groups to toilets to keep numbers of people using each to a minimum (maximum will be 4 people per toilet)
  • clean and sanitise tables, chairs, wheels, decorating/making kit, toilets & sinks, till/card machine, touch points and floor after every class
  • provide aprons and towels and ask you to put used ones in the laundry box at the end of class so we can put them straight in the washing machine


Pottery trial classes cost £40.00 per person including all materials and glazing and firing (we fire every 6 weeks). This includes being able to leave 3 favourite pieces each for glazing & firing. Extra pieces will be charged at £2.50- £4.00 per piece depending on size.


Collection of fired pots is possible in person if you live locally or if a firing is due while you are here. If delivery is required it is a one off cost of £17.50 to send a box(es) of pots to one UK address.

Booking Your Class

CONTACT US to find out more or to make a booking for a class.

Food & Drink

We will usually have the coffee machine on during your class so refreshments can be purchased & served to your table during the class. However, if you are a group of 4 or more people, perhaps celebrating an event, you might want to complement your class with a pre-ordered GROUP MEAL to be served to your work area after your class.


In terms of payment, we prefer CASH over card payment on the day if possible (unless on-line pre-payment is appropriate) as we can no longer share card payment charges customers. We hope you understand.

If paying here, social distancing, mask wearing, good ventilation and sanitising will be observed at the till.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

CLICK HERE – to see our Cancellation/No Show Policy.


From our perspective well-behaved dogs have always been welcome in our studio but due to the current situation studio space is at a premium. If it is a small class and others don’t mind no problems but please check before bringing pooch!

Observers & Helpers

Observers & helpers have always been welcome in our classes but at present spare studio space and seating is limited. There is an option for one work area to include up to 2 observers who can sit on the sofa near them without getting too close to other groups and if a class is not full then helpers are possible.

Please ask about observers and helpers when booking and note that all minors must be accompanied by a paying class member or helper.