About Us

Husband and Wife Team!

Ready for the Christmas Fayre!

Hot Pot Pottery is run by husband and wife team (Katie and Charles).

Katie used to be a graphic designer and project manager in Bristol but is now the pottery teacher.

Charles used to run his own printing company in Bristol but is now retired and helps Katie with the pottery venture.

We originally followed our hearts to the Forest of Dean in 2012 and set up & ran 2 holiday cottages, a tea room, gallery and pottery classes & activities at The House of Bread which was an absolute blast.

However, we knew this was only a ‘10 year plan’ and we wanted to be more rural & we realised that the pottery was the thing that we were most interested in and gave us most satisfaction.

So in 2022 we sold The House of Bread and moved (only a few miles) to a more rural and idyllic setting of an old farmhouse and barn at Eastbach which needed renovating and from which we could live and work for the rest of our days. This gives us the ability to offer accommodation on a smaller scale but really get involved in our pottery offering,

As I write this we have just finished an 18 month renovation project at our new place and we are getting ready to re-open.

In terms of who does what – Katie runs the pottery studio, teaches all pottery classes & does all the glazing and firing. Charles & Katie share the food growing, preparation and cooking and all the administrative details that go into making the business work!

So Come and Get Creative!

We are very excited about our new setting for Hot Pot Pottery and have lots of new ideas and pottery experiences for you:

“We moved to the Forest of Dean to set up this business and work for ourselves. It is important to us and we hope you like what we do! Our new location is idyllic, we love it and we are sure you will too.

Please CONTACT US if there is anything you would like to know more about (or to give us feedback) and we look forward to welcoming you here.”

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Katie Winterborne(corr) in her pottery