Studio And Activities

At Hot Pot Pottery our studio and activities can be adapted to accommodate those with some degree of physical, audio or visual limitation and we will always make every effort to be as accommodating as possible especially if we have prior information to ensure we can plan seating, studio arrangement and activities to take physical or other limitations into account and ensure as full a pottery experience as is safely possible.

However, it should be noted that any classes that include wheel throwing require core stability and the ability to get onto the pottery wheel seat and balance unaided. Therefore, in terms of wheelchair users and/or serious physical limitations, our classes that feature hand-building can be adapted to suit and pottery painting classes are accessible but our dedicated wheel throwing workshops unfortunately are not.

Toilet Facilities

In terms of our toilet facilities in the pottery they do require navigation of 2 internal steps to take in the change of level in the building and while the toilet door opens outward and the toilet is fitted with a grab rail, wheelchair users or perhaps those with a trolley may need to use the toilet in our own house which has a wheelchair navigable door and grab rail but does require assistance and ramps to access the building.

In addition, those using the toilet in our house will need to exit the studio via the main doors and travel round to our front door externally and, as there is no panic alarm fitted in the toilet and it is a separate building, a helper, carer or friend will need to accompany to ensure help is on hand if needed.

Pottery Display Area/Shop

Again, similar to the internal access to our studio toilet facilities, access to the Pottery Display Area/Shop does require navigation of 2 internal steps. However, if access is not possible as a result, pottery items from the Display Area/Shop can be bought into the main pottery studio on request for viewing. Again, prior information and discussion is appreciated to allow preparation.

Contact Us

To discuss any accessibility concerns or questions and arrange things in advance please Contact Us.