Environmental Concerns & Car Charging

At Hot Pot Pottery, we are as environmentally friendly as we can be and we are very aware of the need to protect the beautiful Forest of Dean and River Wye area and the valley we live in.

Electric Car Charging

While we will be looking to change our car to an electric or hybrid when we next change it, we do already have an electric car charger on site which visitors can plug into while doing classes or staying with us and pay to use.


We generate, store and use our own electricity through solar panels and use this to support our business and fire our kilns.


We actively recycle all we can including cans, paper, glass, card board and food and recycle our own clay that is left over in classes and bring it back into use. We have chickens who get to eat some of our vegetable scraps and two compost bins. We try to avoid single use items and over packaged items.


Due to the renovation much of the wood we are currently using has been stored and dried and has come from that. In future, as this supply runs down, we will source locally produced kiln dried wood.


We are developing our own vegetable and herb garden on-site and will be using produce from that alongside carefully chosen local produce suppliers to provide much of our food. We also have on-site free chickens who live next to our vegetable garden and provide a steady source of eggs.