Keeping Covid-19 Risks Low On-Site


We take our visitor’s and own safety seriously. As a result, at Hot Pot Pottery we follow Government and Leisure Industry advice to keep Covid-19 risks as low as possible and encourage responsible behaviour on-site and in relation to bookings.

Keeping Activities Low Risk

While we recognise there are no current legal restrictions with regard to our business and Covid-19 at the moment, we at Hot Pot Pottery want to keep risks as low to all as possible.

So please see below for information on what you can expect from us on your visit & what we ask of you.

What We Ask Of You

  • please do not visit us if you have tested positive for Covid-19 (please test at least 24 hours in advance so not to be within our cancellation period)
  • when you are on-site please do observe personal space on-site and don’t crowd others or us
  • try to stay with the people you arrived with rather than move between groups
  • please observe good handwashing and sanitising practices (handwash facilities and sanitiser are freely available on-site)
  • try to view any on-line instructional pottery videos in advance so crowding others during in class demos is kept to a minimum
  • stay in your own work area and don’t share pottery kit provided between work areas/groups
  • ask in advance if you want to bring observers/dogs as studio space is more limited due to extra space given to work areas
  • put any aprons and towels provided in the laundry box after your activity so they can easily be transported to the laundry

What You Can Expect Of Us

  • we will cancel free of charge or re-book you if we test positive and cannot run your class or activity
  • when you are here we will respect your personal space and ensure good ventilation (but try to keep the studio warm!)
  • ensure our own good handwashing and sanitising practices and provide good handwash and sanitiser facilities on-site for customers
  • provide separate work areas in the studio so you will only work with and share kit with those you arrived with
  • help and advise as much as possible but respect personal space
  • ensure table service to your work area for any food or drink served to you as part of your activity
  • provide on-line videos for you to watch before you come as demos may not be as easy to see as before (on-site demos will be a reminder of the video)
  • provide all aprons and towels you will need & wash all used towels and aprons between classes