Keeping Covid-19 Risks Low On-Site


To keep Covid-19 Risks as low as possible for ALL we are operating in-line with Government & Travel Industry Guidance and are signed up to Visit England’s ‘Good to Go’, The World Travel & Tourism Council’s ‘Safe Travels’ and Air BnB’s ‘Commit to Clean’ schemes.

Keeping Activities Low Risk

As a result of Covid-19 we have had to make changes on-site to keep risks as low as possible. We ask you for your patience and diligence while you are here to keep risks low for ALL.

Please see below for what we are doing and what we ask of visitors whether visiting our gallery, attending a class/pottery painting on-site or hiring a pottery painting kit.

What We Ask Of You


  • please do not visit us if you have Covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been contacted by Track and Trace and have been advised to self-isolate
  • provide a lead booker name and contact number for your booking
  • observe personal space on-site and don’t crowd others or us
  • try to stay with the people you arrived with rather than move between groups
  • follow all instructions when you are here
  • arrive on time and wait outside in our courtyard for us to come and welcome you
  • wear a mask if possible/comfortable when indoors, but a the least when moving around the studio and on the way to the toilets (apart from children under 11 or those exempt from wearing them for medical reasons).

On-Site Pottery Classes/Workshops Or Pottery Painting On-Site

  • please wash and sanitise your hands on arrival
  • if you wish please scan the QR code (if you have downloaded the app) when you arrive
  • keep personal items to a minimum as these will need to be stowed at your work area
  • note which toilet and handwash and sanitising facilities are allocated to your group
  • try to view any on-line instructional pottery videos in advance as in class demos are harder to see at the moment
  • stay in your own work area and don’t share pottery kit provided between work areas/groups
  • ask in advance if you want to bring observers/dogs as studio space is limited due to spacing work areas out
  • consume any food/drink at your table in your own work area
  • put any aprons and towels provided in the laundry box after your activity so we can put them straight in the washing machine

Pottery Painting Kits

  • please wash and dry pottery painting kits before returning them
  • wash/sanitise your hands before arriving
  • observe personal space when collecting/dropping off kits and finished pieces

Gallery Browsing

  • please wash and sanitise your hands before handling any pottery on display


  • please pay into our account in advance (if time permits) or with cash when you are here (social distancing, good ventilation, sanitising and mask wearing will be observed at the till)

For Our Part We Will


  • introduce ourselves, observe social distancing, mask wearing (where there is more than one group in the studio) and good ventilation (but try to keep the place warm!)
  • show you to your work area quickly and efficiently
  • ensure our own good handwashing and sanitising practices as we move between groups in the studio
  • provide separate work areas so you will only work with and share kit with those you arrived with
  • provide handwash and sanitiser facilities in our toilets, studio and gallery
  • provide QR posters for Track and Trace if you wish to use them

On-Site Classes/Workshops/Pottery Painting

  • advise you of any Covid-19 risk we present before your arrival and re-book/refund you as appropriate
  • introduce ourselves, establish groups and allocate toilets and handwashing and sanitising facilities to keep numbers of people using each to a minimum (maximum will be 6 people per toilet)
  • show you to your work area and explain all the kit provided for your class/activity
  • provide hand pre-wash facilities at each work area if you are working with clay
  • provide all you need for your class in your work area
  • help and advise as much as possible but respect personal space and wear masks
  • offer table service only for any food or drink pre-ordered
  • provide on-line videos for you to watch before you come as demos may not be as easy to see as before (on-site demos will be a reminder of the video)
  • provide all aprons and towels you will need
  • clean and sanitise tables, chairs, wheels, decorating/making kit, toilets and sinks & main touch points after every activity
  • ensure any items to be shared are sanitised between uses

Pottery Painting Kits

  • wash and sanitise our hands before you arrive
  • offer staggered collection/return times for kit/finished pieces
  • disinfect kits between hirings

Gallery Browsing

  • ensure your browsing session is private and that no-one else visits the gallery during the time your household, group or bubble have booked


  • ensure personal space, mask wearing and good ventilation are observed at the till
  • clean and sanitise our hands, till and card machine regularly