– Pottery Trial Classes

An Introduction To Pottery


Our pottery trial classes are our most popular class and are great fun and take place in our cosy, fully-equipped pottery studio.

They are 2.5 hours long and you get to try 3 pottery techniques (pinch pots, tiles and a go at throwing on the wheel) in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of expert help and encouragement.

They are suitable for complete beginners and children 6 years and over.

At the end of the class you get to choose 3 favourite pieces each to leave for glazing and firing with a choice of our house glazes.

Refreshments are included.

Our Studio & Facilities

Our studio has 5 work areas with wheels, each designed for 2 people. So our maximum class size is 10 max. (2 min.) which means you get lots of personal help and advice during the class.

If you are booking on your own, we may team you up with someone else to share a wheel & work area.

While one person is on the wheel the other will be working at the table perfecting their pinch pots and tiles and then halfway through the class we swap over.

We provide everything you need for your class including all making & throwing kit, aprons, hand washing facilities & towels.

Younger Children

If you are making a booking and have a child or children under 6 who you would like to do a ‘mini’ version of the class we can arrange for them to have an extra space at your table with you and clay to work with but not include the wheel throwing. This would cost £30 per child and we would be able to glaze and fire 2 of their pieces made during the class.

Unfortunately this option is not bookable on-line so if you wish to book your places on-line then just email us about any child places and these can be paid for on the day or into our account in advance.

NB: for really young children who are not participating we do have high chairs to keep them out of trouble while you are potting!


Our pottery trial classes are £50.00 per person which includes: teaching, kit, facilities, refreshments and leaving up to 3 pots each for glazing and firing.

Extra pottery pieces can be left for glazing and firing at a cost of £3.00-£5.00 per piece (depending on size).

Booking & Payment

Please either CLICK HERE to see our class dates and book on-line or Contact Us if you would like to pay by card or on-line directly into our bank account.

Cash or card payment on the day is fine for extras such as leaving extra pieces for glazing and firing, pottery purchases or deciding to go for delivery rather than collection.

Please note: Advance booking of at least 24 hours is required.

Collection/Delivery Of Your Finished Pottery

We fire about every 5-6 weeks (when our kiln is full). Pottery must be dry before it can go in the kiln which can take 4-5 days (depending on the weather) and our biscuit and glaze firings also take about 4-5 days. 

If you live locally or if a firing is due while you are still in the area you can come and collect your pottery when it is ready.

If a firing is not due while you are still here then you will need delivery which is £20.00 which covers all your/your groups’ pottery to one mainland UK address. If you need delivery to more than one address it is £20 per extra delivery.

If you are booking on-line you need to book the ‘ticket including delivery’ option for the number of separate deliveries you require. If you only need one delivery you only need to include this option on one ticket.

Cancellation/Date Transfer/No Show

We understand that plans can change and things can go wrong so please, before booking with us, check out our Cancellation/Date Transfer/No Show Policy and make sure you are happy with that.


To answer many questions we get asked a lot we have put together a FAQs page. But if we haven’t answered what you want to know on that page then please do Contact Us.