Safety On-Site

At Hot Pot Pottery we take visitor safety seriously and do all we can physically do to ensure our studio is as safe as it can be, our briefings and information include all they need to keep visitors safe and we are up to date with all qualifications required.

Fire Safety

In our studio we have a series of Interlinked and Hard-Wired Smoke Alarms (& a Heat Sensor in our glaze & firing room) and we have Emergency Lighting above the Main Fire Escape Doors (in the case of power failure). These are all tested and/or serviced regularly.

We provide Co2 and Water Fire Extinguishers in our Pottery Display Area and our Glazing and Firing Room and full Emergency Evacuation Instructions are provided on the wall of our studio and in the toilet. We also point out the fire escapes and fire fighting equipment in our initial studio briefing.

We also only fire our kilns at night and kiln loading and operation is never undertaken by members of the public.

Food Safety

Both Katie and Charles have previously run a tea-room and have an up-to-date Food Safety Level 2 Qualification and receive Environmental Health Inspections in relation to our food preparation, cooking & equipment, refrigeration and storage.

Also, and as part of the Food Safety Level 2 requirements, we record all required Allergens used in our food and enquire about allergens as part of the booking process if classes include food.

We also recognise that many glaze components are toxic so when working with glazes we do not allow food in the studio and ensure visitors are aware of the risk and the importance of hand cleanliness.

First Aid

Both Katie and Charles have up to date Emergency First Aid at Work qualifications and the studio has a comprehensive First Aid Kit & PPE. We also have a RIDDOR Incident Book for medical or any other situations requiring recording in the studio.

Medical Emergency Information is also provided on the wall of our studio including our WhatThreeWords location and directions to the nearest Defibrilator.

Our Equipment

Using pottery kit and equipment does come with some risk as some implements for cutting and decorating clay can be sharp but as part of our briefing we discuss how to use the kit with care.

Another area of risk is obviously water and electric items such as wheels and hairdryers in the studio. So our studio electrical items are professionally PAT Tested once a year.


We have Personal, Professional & Public Liability Insurance for what we do both on & off site.

Our Studio

We have spent a great deal of time planning the layout of our studio to ensure visitors have enough space and we can move around freely to carry out what we need to do in class.

To further aid mobility and safety we have provided Hand Rails on the steps between the studio and the pottery display area/ shop and the glazing and firing room and Grab Rails in our toilets.