School Workshops

Classroom Workshops With A Curriculum Link

At Hot Pot Pottery we believe creativity in young people is important and we are keen to ensure pottery features in the school curriculum so alongside our on-site activities we can also offer off-site school workshops either featuring pottery painting or handbuilding,

Our workshop complexity and sizes would depend on how many on-site helpers would be provided by the school.

So Contact Us to let us know what you are interested in and what links there are with your current curriculum.

Price, Booking & Payment

The price will be bespoke to whatever you choose but will include: teaching, kit & materials, glazing and firing of pottery and delivery back to the school.

For more information or to book, please Contact Us.

Please note: Advance booking of at least 48 hours is required.

Payment will be in advance and we can invoice you and provide you with our account details to pay into or you can pay by card.

Delivery Of Finished Pots

We fire made pottery about every 5-6 weeks (when our kiln will be full) and painted pottery to suit our class timetable and we can deliver pottery back to your school once it is ready.

Cancellation/Date Transfer/No Show

We understand that plans can change and things can go wrong so please, before booking with us, check out our Cancellation/Date Transfer/No Show Policy and make sure you are happy with that.